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Accidental Recruiter

Life-time developer screening job applications. How fun does that sound? It turns out, quite fun and a great learning experience. In this blog post series, I will be sharing insights and helping you get more interviews than you thought possible.

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How to design your resume? Visuals, layout, charts

Mar 3, 2017

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Resume - Do's and don'ts in "Work Experience" section

Feb 26, 2017

When deciding whether a candidate is worth their time to test and schedule interviews, one of the major factors in the decision is candidates’ previous work experience. Today, we will see do’s and dont’s for this critical section on your resume.

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Resume - common sections

Feb 21, 2017

Today we’ll look at commonly used sections in a resume, also commonly called “Curriculum vitae” and discuss what to include and what not to include in a resume to maximize your chances to get to the interview.

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Accidental Recruiter

Feb 7, 2017

Close.io has an awesome team I’m currently a part of, and I’ve been helping the team to grow recently. Specifically, looking at the very first stages of recruiting pipeline — basically screening developer resumes and checking out test assignments. There’s a lot to learn from all kinds of applications and answers candidates send us, and I’d like to share some of my learnings with you :-)

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