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Here is a list of companies or projects I worked with.

Open Source

I firmly believe in open source and love making contributions to the community.


Shireframe allows you to create wireframes by writing HTML using your favorite IDE, preview results in your favorite browser, branch/diff/merge wireframes as code in your favorite VCS and do anything else you usually do with source code.

I developed this tool to create wireframes faster and iterate on product techincal design faster.

The code for this project is available at GitHub under GNU GPLv2 license.

Full Time Employment Experience

Close.io (2016-current)

At Close.io, I’m working with a super-awesome, super-productive team to create a world-class best ever CRM. It’s built around search, and has calls and emails integrated so salespeople have all communication at their fingertips.

I’m focused specifically on search, improving ElasticSearch-backed search engine and making UI more smooth easy to use.

We’re using ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, React and lots of other interesting tech to achieve unbelievable exciting user experience.

Maginfo, LLC (2015-2016)

Maginfo provides data-intensive solutions to enterprise customers.

As a team leader and architect, I’m leading a team to develop data platform that enables companies to find faster, analyze and make more of their data.

The product we are developing is currently in stealth mode, so I can’t provide more details, sorry :-(

Autodesk, Inc

Autodesk is an industry leader providing CAD, 3D and collaboration software to manufacturing, construction and entertainment industries.

Autodesk 360, PLM 360 (2012-2015)

At Autodesk I enjoyed being a team leader of UI/Frontend Search team. We developed AngularJS-based rich, and responsive experience that included semantic features, rich snippets and adaptive filtering tools to help engineers find their CAD and social data faster and with better precision.

Search service developed with our team has been launched into production in 2013 for PLM 360, in 2014 for Autodesk 360, and in 2015 for Autodesk Gallery.

We used Java, RDF, ElasticSearch, REST, JavaScript and AngularJS to develop and maintain sophisticated and dynamic search system to adapt high data volume and large search query traffic.

Inforbix, LLC (2012)

Inforbix was going a cloud-based startup aiming to provide engineers with tools to find their CAD data faster and navigate through relationships.

At Inforbix, I developed Web UI and REST API to make searching and navigating through the system easier and faster.

We used Java, RDF, BigData, REST, JavaScript and JavaScriptMVC to develop cloud-based search system to be used in enterprises with lots of data.

Maginfo ISP (2009-2012)

Maginfo ISP is a leading Internet Service Provider in city of Magnitogorsk, Russia.

At Maginfo ISP I transformed the way the company is performing monitoring, automated remote management and maintenance of company’s network infrastructure consisting of tens of thousands network devices and more than 100 000 active subscribers. It features automatic and dynamic network switches configuration, network port state monitoring, chats, reports ang geographical network overview.

I used Python, Twisted, Java and jQuery to create a complete monitoring and remote management suite with web-interface for 24/7 support & maintenance engineers. This system saved the company millions of dollars on maintenance effort.

Consulting projects

Time Tracker

For a German-based company, I’ve created a web application that allows employees to track their working time by day, project and activity type. It features efficient keyboard-based navigation, responsive interface, filtering abilities, and aggregate reporting.

Technologies used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript and AngularJS.